My first cougar…

I was 22, first time away from the country and I found myself in Beijing. I had been given a chance to come with a friend for her business trip, but since she liked to sleep at 9pm, I wanted to go out and explore this new world.

I asked the hotel staff where to go and was pointed to a bar district called Sanlitun, a hidden area where most people who speak English go. Alone, I ventured to this area that seriously reminded me that I wasn’t in the United States anymore. Walking down I found myself looking at bar after bar. I couldn’t decide, how could I? I was there to have a drink and meet people! I ventured to Butterfly Bar where I walked in a proceeded to ask the bartender for a drink.

Him: What do you want?

Me: (nervous as shit) Uhh…..I…Uhh…TOKYO TEA!

Him: What’s that?

Me: Fuck, this isn’t San Francisco. I’ll have tequila and a Tsing Tao (Chinese Beer)

I walk to the dance floor and scan the crowd for a girl to dance with. I didn’t know it then, but if you’re foreign, you can meet any girl you want in a bar. I see to my right an older woman dancing by herself and I decide then and there that I was going after her. Dancing lead to talking, talking lead to kissing, kissing lead to aggressive making out, which only pissed off the younger girls at the bar. She told me she wanted to come back to my place as long as I paid the cab fare back. As if I’d say no. This was my first REAL sexual encounter since getting out of a 6 1/2 relationship. I was 22, she was 39 and Japanese.

My first cougar.

Getting back to the hotel, she proceeds to take everything off and lay on my bed naked. Her body was nothing short of amazing. 5’3, petite tits, perky ass. She had a bush, but I didn’t think I had room to complain. (I like shaved/waxed pussy). For the sake of story, her name is Yumi. Yumi, sits up and seductively uses her index finger to tell me to come to her. Naked, and slightly nervous, I go. She tells me:

Yumi: you will do what I say. Now check if I’m wet.

Me: uhh…

She grabs my hand and shoves it in her very nicely wet pussy. Her moans in my ear are beyond erotic. We proceed to kiss passionately while I feel the inside of her pussy. After a few minutes…


No need to tell me more! Here is where I begin to learn some new tricks, tricks that MANY women after her have complimented me on. (Hint hint guys). I suck soft and hard, using my tongue to massage her wet clit. (She continues to direct me on what to do, which I LOVE). What’s notable about her was how she came, she started banging her head against the bed in a way that cause concern for me. Her screeches finally die and pushes my head away. Looking at her, she tells me to grab a condom.

Immediately she gets on all fours and holds her ass cheeks open spreading her pussy and ass for me. Dear God what an amazing site. I proceed to fuck her hard and fast, but given how much noise she was making, and the fact that my boss was in the next room over, I had to go slow and keep her quiet. I don’t learn to gag women until later on in life. (Story for another day).

AFTER sex that things got interesting:

Yumi: You’re pretty good, and very cute. How long are you here for?

Me: Umm, probably another two weeks.

Yumi: Good, I’m here for the rest of the week. When I’m done each day, you will show up to my hotel and you will follow my every order. I want you cock every day.

Me: I think I can do that…

I always thought 69 was a fun position and required the girl to be on top so she won’t choke. Turns out, some girls like to choke on cock…Yumi was one of them. (picture is how she liked it.)


She required that I stay on top during 69 so she can gag on my dick and squeeze my balls. Periodically I would hear the gag sound and stop to check on her. To my surprise, she’d look at me like I’m crazy and tell me to get back to work. Not complaining at all. That woman drained me, every night I would finish on her face. For that whole week, I was her sex slave. Thanks Yumi, you’re the real teacher.