The Magic Wand…

The Magic Wand (Review)


The sex toy to end all sex toys. Yes, I went there. From all my sexual escapades, I’ve found myself enjoying the use of toys on women. It’s a fun kink for me, after all, I enjoy watching a woman get off. It’s a prideful thing for men, we enjoy knowing that we’re good in bed and can pleasure our women. Of course, women know this. Why else would some of them fake an orgasm to get a guy to stop?

I’m not going to go so far as to say that I’m so good no woman has ever faked one with me. No way, I’m sure it’s happened. Perhaps I was off my game that day and she didn’t want me to be let down. It’s like for most men, they want to know that they are the biggest she has ever had. OBVIOUSLY, this isn’t true. There are always bigger men. I’m confident in myself knowing that I’m above average, however, there is always someone bigger and better.

So why bring this all up? Well, aside from the tirade, I discovered last year the tool that can make any woman cum multiple times in a short time frame. That my friends, is the Hitachi Wand.

I’ve used rabbits, special vibrators that are remote, vibrating eggs, a cock ring that vibrates, etc. But nothing compares to this. I say this because in a bit, I’m about to explain how this was so awesome with my ex.

My ex and I had been together for about a year and a half when I got the wild idea of using this beast on her. Sex had been great but, I could not make her cum to save my life.


I would spend, on good days, up to 45 minutes going to town on her pussy, clit, and even ass (if straight out of the shower). But, nothing. She came close here and there but nothing. Of course I got the “it’s ok, I still have fun.” Well YEAH, but I want to go all the way and MAKE you EXPLODE!!!!

While she was away on vacation to visit old college friends, I had had enough. She was talking about sex and how her friends orgasm so easily but she couldn’t.

Oh hell no, it’s on girl.

She texts me that she’s boarding her flight home and when she’ll arrive at the airport. I say ok and I’ll see her then. Little does she know that I’m at the local sex shop trying to pick out the right toy. I’ve heard from another (former) sex slave, that the Hitachi Wand makes her cum and squirt like crazy. Her boyfriend, uses it on her relentlessly while she’s tied up and her pussy squirts everywhere. Not wanting to miss out on this kind of excitement, I head to one of the local porn shops.

In my area, by the way, the shops (if in decent areas) are staffed by women, which is a genius idea to bring in female patrons. The women were very nice and knowledgeable on all the products. I wonder why. I don’t want to go alone, so I enlist the female help of a friend from college. We haven’t seen each other in years and our first “catch up” was a trip to the sex shop. She was filling me in about her troubles with the current boyfriend, so why not tell me with fake cocks and lingerie surrounding us?

Finally finding what I want, I decide that it’s time to buy the toy. I walk up to the girls currently gossiping behind the register.

Me: Uh hey ladies, can I ask you a professional question?
Lady #1: Sure! What’s going on?
Me: Well, I wanted to buy this toy but I was gonna ask for any advice for a first timer?
Lady #1: Well I haven’t, but she has.
Lady #2: Oh yeah, I love this baby. What you need to do is go slow. Go down on her and slowly introduce her to it.
Me: Ok that sounds pretty good, but how do I introduce it to her slowly?
Lady #2: So, start going down on her for a while. As you’re going down on her, turn the wand on and put in on her thigh. Slowly move down towards are pussy. After you get closer, move away and hold down her pussy bone, she’s gonna need to be held down. From there, keep it on her clit and enjoy the show.
Me: Whoa, I’m looking forward to this.
Lady #1: (Winks) Enjoy dear!

So, here we go. Instructions for using a wand.

#1 DON’T jump right into it, like working out, warm her up.

#2 Make sure she’s comfortable and ready

#3 Play with her/eat her out for 5-10 minutes to get her really ready.

#4 While going down on her, place the wand just above her knee and switch it on.

#5 Slowly, and I mean slowly, bring it closer to where your mouth is.

#6 When getting closer, make sure to kneel right next to her, place your hand on her pelvic bone to hold her down. Put the vibrating wand on her pussy.

#7 Like a cowboy on a bucking bronco, hold her down and enjoy the show.

Rock her hard cowboy 😉

Time has come. My ex gets into the car and we start driving to my place. She has NO idea what’s in store for her. As she’s talking about her time in New York, I interrupt her:

Me: So I have a gift for you.
Her: Oh? What should I expect?
Me: You know that wand we always talked about?
Her: You bought me a sex toy?!
Me: Heh, you’re getting fucked when we get back.


Getting back to my place, I help her unload all the luggage into my room. After saying hi to my brother, who is mindlessly locked into his games on the Playstation 4, I lock my room. Grabbing my ex, I throw her against the door. Hand behind her head, the other on her hip, I forcibly bring myself to her and kiss her. Filled with a lustful energy, I want to rip her cloths off and use her body to please me. I want to put her on her knees, have her pull my cock out and, holding her hair, fuck her face.


But, this event isn’t about me, it’s about her. Time to be gentle and loving.



Throwing her shirt off, I pick her up and throw her on the bed. Savagely ripping off her pants. I want at her, I want to show her this new toy and make her squirm. Sex with the same person may get tiresome, but when you introduce something new to the bedroom, it gets wild….fast.

She’s excited. I can see with every deep breath that she takes. Looking at me with pure lust in her eyes, I run my fingers from her neck slowly down her body. Her tits look amazing in the cute bra she’s wearing. My fingers get to her hips where the flesh colored thong is still on. Still looking into her eyes, and with a firm grasp onto the sides of her underwear, I slowly pull the thong off. Seeing her shaved pussy gets me harder, knowing that in a few minutes, I’ll be working it with my tongue and toy. Pulling her to the edge of the bed, legs over my shoulders, I’m now able to enjoy her taste.


Sucking on her clit, I dig deep, showing my mouth deeper into her. My chin is digging into her pussy. I personally enjoy getting my chin wet with her juice and making her lick it off as I’m fucking her. But that’s a story for another day.

As I’m enjoying her taste, she’s squeezing her tits and slowly moving her hips up and down. She’s ready.


I don’t say anything. Getting up off my knees, I reach into my dresser and grab the wand. I plug it into the wall and resume eating her out. The wand gets switched on and placed onto above her knee. The sheer vibration of the device produces a loud buzzing sound. She immediately jumps.

Her: Whoa, no,no no that’s intense!
Me: Oh no, it’s happening.

Slowly. So slowly. I move the vibrating device from God down from her arched leg to her clit. Half way down her leg, I get up and re-position myself to the side of her. Using the instructions mentioned earlier, I place a free hand on her pelvic bone and hold her down. Time to unleash my inner cowboy and tame this explosion.


The massage ball goes on her clit, and like a bucking bronco, she begins to move with tenacity. Eyes wide open with shock and excitement, mouth wide open, hand gripping the bed, she’s moving all over the place. I’ve never heard her gasp like that. I’m holding her down with sheer might, the other hand that grasping the wand, is holding firmly on her clit. She’s gushing so much that the ball is dripping wet. I transition from her clit to her hole and down to her ass, then back up. This because, she might need a slight break.

Lol no. No break for this girl. She is gonna feel forced orgasms.

At this point, I’m getting into this. I remember an old sex slave telling me that she loved it when her boyfriend fucked her with the wand. So, trying to mimic that, I try and fuck my ex with the wand. She’s dripping wet and I actually make some distance in her. Not all the way, but I proceed to place the wand on it’s highest setting and fuck her faster. Throwing her head back in pure ecstasy.

She’s loving this.

I’m rock hard and enjoying every minute of bringing her pleasure. I’m dominating this woman and forcing her to cum at my will. Pure power trip. I want to up the ante at this point. Keeping the wand on pussy, I move to the side of her head. My cock hanging out, upright, she didn’t need any convincing. With pure excitement, she grabs my cock and sucks to high heaven. Moaning deeper and louder as I fuck her more with this gift from God.

A few minutes go by and I decide it’s time for a break.

Her: Oh my God. I came three times, good God this is amazing!
Me: We’re not done, hold your legs back.

With a smile on her face, she grabs her thighs and exposes a gaping wide pussy, ready to be fucked. But, with a twist. As I slide my cock inside of her, I place the wand on her clit. With the same furiocity as before, this girl smiling from ear to ear, cumming with excitement. I can’t contain myself. I’ve been so into this that my stamina goes out the window. Throwing the wand to the ground, I pull out and squirt my love juice all over her stomach and tits. Pelvic muscles still twitching, she smiles.

Me: did I do good dear?
Her: Oh yeah, we need to do this more often.

Needless to say, we fucked a lot more after getting that toy. I grew to love it so much that I did new things with her I never thought about before. In one instance, I would put porn on my desktop, one video per monitor, then sit against the wall naked. She would sit in front of me with her legs up. I would hold her tits or throat, and place the wand on her clit as she’s forced to watch porn. She creamed with delight after that.


The Hitachi Wand = God’s gift to all!

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