San Francisco, CA

Bio: I am a professional working in the tech industry with a weird background in sex and adventures. I spent many years telling people over drinks, coffee, sex clubs about the stuff I've done and I keep getting the same question: why don't you write about your experiences? Why not? What I post on here is ABSOLUTELY NSFW (Not Safe For Work). So if you're at work, save this shit until you get home. All of these adventures are 100% true, the images are not of me however so don't get too excited. The pictures are there to give you a visual representation of what I'm feeling or what happened. All names are changed because, though I love telling these stories, this is the internet and people do have lives that I wish not to fuck up. What I've been through, and continue to go through is nothing short of epic. So please, live your life vicariously through my stories. Also, feel free to contact me about anything. Wanna follow me on Twitter? Add me, @stereowhitebay

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