The Gangbang Group


I had been exploring for other groups in the swingers scene ever since finding the first one I went to with Scarlet. Turns out, in the Bay Area, there are a ton. Many are there to give you an experience but it’s also for profit. Of the three I found: one required you to submit pictures of you and your partner to gain acceptance into their world of lust, the second involved a massage therapist who had numerous sex slaves and loved getting them involved in gangbangs, and the third just had women who loved fucking numerous men. The first and last required a picture first, but the second and third allowed for single men. I’ve been to both, and THIS is about the second group.

I emailed the group moderator with a  picture of myself and told him that I wanted to check out the upcoming weekends bangfest. Yes, BANGFEST. How could I pass that up? The pictures of the girls attending on his site were pretty fucking hot. He emails back and tells me the rules:

  1. Be respectful, no means no.
  2. Be clean and smelling nice.

(uh, I thought that was common sense?)

  1. Bring protection

(Fucking serious dude? Common sense?)

  1. Bring alcohol
  2. Bring $100

Given the fact that it involved some HOT women, I could go with the price. Oh! I never mentioned the cost of the sex club I went to: $100 for couples, $10 single women . NO SINGLE MEN. So here couples and single women are free, and single men are $100. Whatever, I’ll pay for this experience. You wouldn’t?

So, the night arrives and I grab a 6 pack of Sierra Nevada for the event. However, I’m nervous because I arrive at an upscale Apartment hotel. Sitting behind the wheel, I decide to pound a beer outside before going in. I knew this party was legit but I was nervous going by myself. After feeling the effect of one beer, I meander my way up the stairs to the correct room.


*knock knock*

The moderator, James, opens up with a big smile and looks me up and down, “J? ….HEY! Welcome man!” With a handshake, he pulls me in and quickly shuts the door. There I was, in the living room of this two bedroom apartment hotel, lights were dim and the mood was relaxed. There were eight people sitting or standing just chit chatting as if it was a cocktail party.  The average age was easily around forty. In front of me there were two couples talking to a very sexy, Latin cougar who, to my excitement, was wearing a backless dress. Everyone was dressed to impress and I was glad that I got dressed up for the occasion. I was wearing wingtip Aldo shoes, skinny jeans and a button down J. Crew shirt. I felt like I dressed for the occasion well.

James: Hey John! $100 please!

Me: Oh yeah, sorry about that. Is this everyone?

James: Oh no no, we’re doing a class on how to eat pussy in 30 minutes.

Me: Cool, who are all the hostesses?

(His sex slaves or girls were called Hostesses)

James: (Pointing to the latin cougar) Her and Sarah. Go, sit down and enjoy yourself.


(Imagine this but black. Yeah, hot.)

I proceed to stand next to one of the two couches and talk with a guy who was easily in his late 50’s. In our conversation, he tells me that the latin cougar is actually his wife and he loves watching her fuck guys. It’s an awesome show for him as he tells me. As I’m talking with him, his wife seductively walks from the other bedroom in nothing at all except heels toward me. Her eyes were locked on mine the entire 15 feet. When she gets within arm’s reach, she grabs my shirt and pulls me in to kiss her. “Wanna have some fun? I looooove cock.” And with that, all my willpower to resist is gone and I’m lead, in full view of everyone, into the bedroom on my left.

The door is left open by the way.

She tells me her name is Anna and then proceeds to shove me on the bed. Lay there with my arms up, she craws on me, naked of course, and starts undoing my pants.

Seriously? Can I at least take off my cloths before you rape the shit out of me?

Obviously I didn’t mind what she was doing. Mind you, Anna and I only said two sentences to each other before this happened. At least at the first club you had to actively engage people. But then again, would you complain if a hot ass latin cougar was massive fake tits wanted to fuck your brains out? I didn’t think so.

Pants off, arms still up, she grabs a condom and slips it on me then slowly lowers herself on me. Right then she starts grinding in a back and forth manor that really was grinding on my pelvic bone. Pain? Yeah lots of it! Did I care? Noooooope!!! While she’s grinding away, I didn’t notice it but the party had all gathered to watch the show of Anna fucking the young guy (me).

Guest one: Oh I could watch her fuck all day.

Guest two: Poor guy didn’t even get his cloths off!

Group: *hahahahahhahaa*

Me: *one hand on her tit and the other raising to give them a thumbs up*

Group: hahahaha!


Anna’s grinding slows down and she leans to whisper in my ear that she wants to be fucked from behind. Then, without hesitation, dismounts and does a special doggy style where her ass cheeks spread apart and you get a full view of her ass hole and pussy.


God. Hot.  So I get up, fully take off my shoes and pants, leaving my button up shirt on because, well, fuck it why not? Standing at the edge of the bed, in full view of the new crowd, I start pounding away.


She moans louder that she wants it harder. I keep going and when no one is looking, since I’m really into it, I give her a light spank. This is where shit got a bit weird. She immediately pushed me off and looks at me with the sternest look.

Anna: Don’t do that. Don’t do that. Don’t do that.

I freeze in horror.

Me: Ok, won’t happen again.

She lightens up and gets back on all fours. Whew. Close one. So, semi hard, I stick my cock back in her and pump away. While in this position, she places her face down on the bed, REALLY sticking her ass in the air. I’m loving this and take both of her arms and pin them behind her which she loves even more.


Completely unbeknownst to me, her husband was watching from the couch. But it was just creepy. The guy was in his fucking 60’s and had that look that screamed, “Yeah man, you fuck my wife. Fuck her hard.” What the fuck man!


I feel it building up. That build up that I described with Daisy. But no point trying to prolong this since I knew Anna was gonna be fucking a lot tonight. So I tell Anna I’m about to let loose and she grabs my ass from behind and forces me to stop fucking as my cock furious lets loose everything it’s been holding back.

After I finish, she gets up, looks me in the eye and says, “see me when you recover” and walks into the next room butt naked with only heels on looking for her next piece of meat. Which, really only took a couple minutes. The room we fucked in had a bathroom so I walked in there with my cloths and look at myself with accomplishment and shame. The usual look after having fucked a complete stranger. After getting dressed, I walked out and found the new guy eating Anna out. I chuckle to myself and think, “you’re the sloppy second bro, my dick was there not three minutes ago.” I guess some guys just don’t care, but then again, should I care? I was at a FUCKING GANGBANG PARTY.


I move to the next room and grab a beer. Chatting with James and another guy with hair like Bill Paxton from Terminator, I learn more about the party and how it works. James is actually pretty well known in the swinging community and enjoys putting these events on. We chat more and find out the Pussy Eating Class was about to start since the rest of the hostesses showed up.

James: Hey all! Let’s head over for Sarah to show us what to do when eating pussy.


Watching the class happen, I was looking around at everyone. There was a fair amount of couples there which was a bit weird since I thought it was a gangbang party. The age range was really varied from late 20’s to early 60’s. Hot women though. During Sarah’s instructional, you could tell who was getting into it because the men were holding their women which fingering them. Me, by myself, I was just sitting there twiddling my thumbs. More single men started to come into the party, but they all had this nervous look to them. I could tell that a lot of them were taken (cheating on their spouse) because every time the door opened, they looked with anxious anticipation that it’d be someone they knew. I should care, but not really. I felt bad for their spouses. Seriously guys, go back to your girlfriend or wife, this isn’t for you. I guess it’s common when you allow single men to show up, but still, it’s unfortunate.

Anyway, the party was to move on and the crowd kept getting bigger. Since I had already spent my load, I wasn’t in the mood just yet to play so I kept to the side. I was amazed at how respectful all the people were to each other, I felt that given it was a gangbang, guys would run trains on the women without permission. (My thoughts on what gangbang’s were like). But no, everyone was cool and calm. With all the couples there, I was slightly disappointed; no Asian women there.

About the time things were heating up, I got a text from a girl I had the biggest crush on in the city.

Kathy: Hey! What are you up to tonight?

Me: Howdy stranger 😉 Idk, what do you have in mind?

Kathy: Let’s spend the evening together J

I pause and look around at my choices of women to fuck. All I see were middle age white women, and those girls under forty were being surrounded by men. So do I stick around and sword fight to get a second lay, or do I go to the city with a gorgeous girl that wanted to see me?

Me: J see you in an hour!

Now I can understand given how my blog is that you’d expect a round two with Kathy. Nope. During our evening of drinks, she informs me that she’s seeing someone and wants to be stead with him. I get to spend the night but we don’t do anything at all, even cuddling was forbidden. So as I lie in her bed and think about the evenings events, I feel that, I should have stayed at the gangbang party. Naturally, I thought about Anna…

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